Is it possible that a man of art be a criminal, is genius and villainy compatible?

The question has long been discussed by the artists. Is it possible that a man of art be a criminal, is genius and villainy compatible? It turns out that this two things are very compatible. And we are not talking about such "minor" problems as alcoholism or drug addiction. This can be considered the cost of the profession. No, we will break down on more serious intruders ...

1. Michelangelo (1475-1564)


Michelangelo no needs to introduction. This great artist, sculptor, poet and painter became the face of his age, a milestone in the development of art.

But with his name is connected and a dark story. One of the greatest sculptures of Michelangelo was the "Pieta", depicting the Virgin Mary, mourning Christ

There is opinion that during the creation of the sculpture by Michelangelo, to make suffering of Christ more realistic , he killed his model. And the body of the dying Jesus was sculpted from nature.

Caravaggio (1573-1610)


Caravaggio is known as person with a bad temper. Brilliant artist, but irascible , rude and scandalous person . European painting reformer, player and killer .

Thanks to his talent, he won recognition in Rome and had strong patrons. Them participation allowed Caravaggio to get out of clashes with the police as a result of regular drunkenness, gambling (entailing large debts). All this lasted until 1606, when a fight with involving a dozen people there was committed a murder.

Thanks to friends Caravaggio managed to escape Napoli, and then to Malta. There artist joined the Knights of Malta order, but soon quarreled with a noble knight. As a result, he got in the pit, from where I escaped again with the help of him friends. Wandered.

He returned to Napoli after some time , hiding in the palace of the Duke Sforza. But once he went out to tavern and was attacked, and barely survived. In 1610 he went to Rome and tried to get forgiven. And again failures - on the way he was detained by the police, then lose a ship with all the property. Then he continued his way to the Rome on foot, but did not reach ... He died under mysterious circumstances in the town of Porto d’Ercole.

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