The first movie about Vincent Van Gogh

ff        The first movie about Vincent Van Gogh, entitled “Lust for Life”, was released in 1956 and starred Kirk Douglas. Other films have also been made about the great artist, but now comes the new picture “Loving Vincent”, which is a technical breakthrough for the film industry. So what sets it apart from ordinary biographical films about artists? Well… each and every frame is painted in oil on canvas using Van Gogh’s own technique! Have you ever seen anything like that before?
Why is this masterpiece worth seeing? A committed fan of the brilliant post-impressionist, or traditional moviegoer well versed in conventional cinema, will be transported to a parallel world where the artist himself once resided; the viewer might even have his or her perception of the everyday world around them refreshed and renewed. Each great artist has their own very specific perspective on life, nature, beauty. And how much we dream of becoming our idol, for a few moments at least; seeing through his eyes the times in which he lived, and the people and places pictured in his paintings! Now Van Gogh fans have just such an opportunity.
Enjoy the film!

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