The second - now annual - programme of the International Film Festival on Disability (IFFD) in Cannes has come to an end.

ff        The second - now annual - programme of the International Film Festival on Disability (IFFD) in Cannes has come to an end.
        One year on, the attention which the festival receives has increased notably amongst both the public and direct participants in the event, and the festival has also attracted backing from a number of politicians and famous media personalities.
        The number of applications to screen films and the growing coverage of the festival is proof of its success and continued growth (last year the number of films shown was around 500, but this year it was close to 3500).
        Among those people who volunteered to support the festival, special mention should be made of the Secretary of State in Charge of People with Disabilities, Sophie Cluzel, and the organisers wish to thank her for her important help. She has promised to support the festival in the future too.
        In addition to Cluzel, the festival was aided by such noted media people as the famous producer, director - and a man acknowledged to be one of the world’s finest actors - Robert De Niro; British pop diva Viktoria Modesta; and the well-known French Partouch Family, plus many others.
        Moreover, the director of our foundation, Nataliya Resh, in her role as festival ambassador officially announced the establishment of a partnership with Cannes Lions, one of the largest annual Cannes Festivals. This partnership promises a positive and constructive future for both sides, and demonstrates the status which the IFFD has attained in a very short period of time. In regard to this public standing, gratitude must be expressed to the Mayor of Cannes, David Lisnard, who has spoken many kind words about the festival, and showed great respect when opening the event earlier this year. His gestures could not help but inspire us, and are proof of the great success which has been achieved at the very beginning of our long journey.
        And, of course, we wish to state our great appreciation, regard and admiration for those on whose behalf this significant festival is held. It would have been impossible to organise an event of such quality without their involvement; their talents, hopes and strength of character. Their belief in the project and the sincerity of their love helps us to move forward; to appreciate the festival’s importance, and the extent of people`s involvement in it!

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