The First International Film Festival On Disability

ffSince 16 to 21 September 2016 the unique festival dedicated to disable people will be held in Cannes. There will be shown short and full-length films, documentaries, feature films and video clips as well. Their authors tried to show the other side of life, when people feel like they are not the same as the others, not infrequently they feel lost and helpless. Passing by the disabled out or in the underground or in the store, few of us think, what they must live through every day, what difficulties they get, especially in places, where there are no facilities for the people with such problem. But despite all of this, there are so many those of them, who goes all out to make every new day to be better than the previous. Many of healthy people are lack of this wonderful quality. The bright example of this is the Paralympic Games.

The program of the festival includes trip from Copenhagen to Cannes by train with some stops in such cities as: Brussel, Paris, Marcel, Monaco and others. During the stops between the cities there will be organized a lot of interesting events for the travelers. The train itself will be equipped with all facilities like in a real hotel.

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