Garage Chief Curator Kate Fowle will meet with Jerry Gorovoy



Today September 24th, Garage Chief Curator Kate Fowle will meet with Jerry Gorovoy, now President of Bourgeois` The Easton Foundation, to discuss the years he spent with the artist, reflecting on the life and creative process of Louise Bourgeois and providing an insider`s view into the development of the Cell series.

Louise Bourgeois was a  French-American artist and sculptor. She was born on December 25 1911 (date of death — 31 May 2010) in Paris. She had a close relationship with her mother Josephine. The girl have lost her mother in childhood, which has become the greatest pain for her, while her relationship with father was strained.

Her creation is often called an encyclopedia of modern art as all of the main styles of the 20th century, such as cubism, futurism, surrealism, constructionism and abstractionism reflected in it. Louise Bourgeois has created her own dictionary of symbols, in which personal experience and fantasies are concretized in expressive forms. For example the symbol of spider is not a sign of arachnophobia but the association with artist`s mother. So the sewing needles are not aggressive symbols but used for illustration of recovery from the losses.

Huge Bourgeois` «Spiders» made of metal have got wide popularity. In 1999 the artist got Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale.



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