«Horizons of events» and «Seat, I`ll open»

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Two final exhibitions are opening in Moscow tomorrow, they are called «Horizons of events» and «Seat, I`ll open». These exhibitions include the works of students and graduates 2014–2015 of the Institute of Contemporary Art in Moscow.

Students could decide what exhibition they would take part in, moreover, they both have different restrictions and interesting moments.

At the exhibition «Seat, I`ll open» students, having shown the miracles of  self-organization, invented the concept of the exhibition, arranged the exhibition place, organized the exposition.

At the exhibition «Horizons of events» students had to conform within the space of Vadim Sidura`s museum and even with some of art images.

So each exhibition will be interesting and unique in its own way. That’s why it makes sense to visit both exhibitions to get a whole impression about the Institute of Contemporary Art graduates of 2015. It’s going to be an interesting weekend!


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